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VOLVO S60 T8 : Hybrid,Rechargeable and History


To say that the new VOLVO S60 T8 is a historic turning point for Volvo is obvious. This new S60 is indeed the first vehicle from the Swedish manufacturer to be launched only as a plug-in hybrid version in France. It is also the first production to come out of the all-new plant in Charleston, USA.

400 ch ??

We discovered our mount of the day, a superb S60 T8 Rechargeable Hybrid (Twin engine as indicated on the trunk acronym).

It’s a good surprise, this engine still develops 390 hp and even 405 hp in its Polestar Engineered version. This engine is based on a 2-liter 4-cylinder Turbo developing 303 hp on its own, and is supplemented by an 87-hp electric motor, all backed up by an 8-speed Geartronic automatic gearbox.


Question Style, we find all the very successful codes of new Volvo productions: headlights “Hammer of Thor”, fluid and sharp line. Long and low, this VOLVO S60 T8 is particularly elegant.

Unlike its German competitors, this S60 is very well equipped as standard. The large 9 inch screen allows you to control the entire entertainment system with the same efficiency and simplicity.

The Swedish brand also has the very good idea of launching a “Volvo On Call” smartphone app, which allows you to control your vehicle remotely (load control, heating or air conditioning or to simplify the alert to services rescue…).

The interior is very well finished and very elegant with a mixture of particularly refined materials. As usual, we feel incredibly good in the seats with perfect comfort and support.

On the road, the first word that comes to mind is « hushed. »

It feels like traveling on a sofa, in total comfort and perfect soundproofing. This S60 goes from electric to thermal mode with incredible smoothness. Where it is surprising is when you press the accelerator … oh yes, the 390 are very present, it grows strong. This is where this car leaves you with a strange feeling: do you really need that much power in an S60? You have 3 hours to work on this issue!

If the behavior remains super reassuring and efficient thanks to the 4-wheel drive, the weight of this S60 remains very present and the sedan is a little « clumsy » on the small laces of the Marseille region.

What is very interesting about this S60 is the mode which allows driving in 100% electric. In this mode, the car has a range of 50km, more than enough for city trips for example!

Hybrid micro?

What is micro hybrid? You take a heat engine, you associate a converter, a very small electric motor and an 8 volt battery … and you get an « electrically assisted » engine which saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions.

At the wheel, there is no difference with a thermal version. The car is never 100% electric and everything happens imperceptibly. This version deserves a long-term trial to really appreciate the contribution of micro hybridization on a daily basis.

At the time of the choice, this S60 is positioned very well compared to its premium competitors. With a price starting at 59,900 euros, its almost 400hp and its interesting equipment, it risks tipping the scales at the time of the final choice especially since it does not undergo an ecological penalty.

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