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Top 2020 New Cars We Can’t Wait to Arrive

The automotive industry is arguably heading into an interesting direction with crossovers steadily taking the reign. Furthermore, every automaker worth it’s salt has already started implementing an electrification strategy that should start bearing fruit come MY 2020. In that regard, even the near future 2020 new cars are radiating the kind of excitement that would otherwise be expected from vehicles scheduled to arrive at a much later date.

Here, we’ll reflect exclusively on all-new models that have never had the pleasure to grace our roads before and the iconic models that are making a comeback after a prolonged period of absence from the markets. Whether they’re EVs, hybrids or conventional internal combustion models doesn’t really matter; all we care about is that they’re models that either have been absent from our roads for some time or have never seen them.

We also won’t discriminate on the respective model’s body style and class basis. Expect a wide range of vehicles from family cars to supercars, but every one of them will instantly earn a special place in many a car enthusiast’s hearts when they roll off the assembly lines in 2020.

Without further ado, here are some of the best 2020 new cars we can expect to see in a year or so.

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