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Mercedes sprinter -Electric- : Details & features

Mercedes sprinter

A few days after launching production of the model, Mercedes reveals new details regarding the characteristics and functionality of its electric Sprinter.

If the year 2020 will mark the arrival of many new electric cars, the utility is not to be outdone. After launching its eVito this year, Mercedes is tackling the upper segment and has just started the industrialization of its electric Sprinter.

Assembled in Düsseldorf, the rival of the electric Renault Trafit and MAN TGE says a little more about its operation. It confirms in particular the use of an energy recovery system similar to that on board the electric Vito. In total, four modes can be activated via the paddles on the steering wheel. Enough to allow the driver to modulate the intensity of the regenerative brake according to his needs.

Another important informaiton communicated by the manufacturer: that of the « useful » capacity of the battery. Depending on the version chosen, it can vary from 41 to 47 kWh for a range of 115 and 168 km respectively. Note that the version with the « small » battery will have a payload of up to 1040 kilos against 891 kilos for the second pack. In alternating current (AC), recharging goes through a 7.4 kW charger while rapid charging, in direct current (DC), is based on the Combo CCS standard. Configured as 20 kW in the standard version, it can be upgraded to 80 kW as an option.

On the engine part, there is a block of 85 kW that can be clamped at 80, 100 or 120 km / h depending on the uses.

Classic versionHigh autonomy version
Nominal capacity41 kWh55 kWh
Cuseful capacity35 kWh47 kWh
Autonomie115 km168 km
Payload1040 kg891 kg

An eCharging Planner to facilitate tours in Mercedes Sprinter.
Beyond the specifications, Mercedes has also worked on the ecosystem surrounding its new utility. Objective: to facilitate drivers’ rounds thanks to a predictive device anticipating recharging needs.

Connected to the internet, it analyzes in real time the remaining battery capacity and the planned route to offer the driver to adapt his route if necessary. Everything is linked to a supervision system allowing the manager to monitor the entire fleet and have access to detailed statistics.

In conclusion, customers will have the choice between two battery packs. The first, with a capacity of 41 kWh, provides a range of approximately 115 km and can carry 1040 kilos of payload. The charging time is approximately six hours on a 7.2 kW outlet.

The second has a larger capacity of 55 kWh. Rechargeable in eight hours, it offers a range of 150 km but reduces the maximum payload (900 kg). Note that in both cases, a DC socket can recharge the batteries to 80% in 45 minutes.

The new Sprinter will go into production sometime next year. It will join the eVito range of electric commercial vehicles, which will hit the roads in the second half of 2018. Later, the family will also welcome an eCitan.

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