HONDA CIVIC 2020 Review: specifications & features.


A small presentation to the HONDA CIVIC 2020 :

Trough all times, HONDA CIVIC 2020 has considered the first choice, in the case of desire ,to combine a reasonable purchase price, and economic consumption of fuel. Especially when the test of its alternatives like, ( TOYOTA COROLLA, MAZDAG 3,KIA FORTE…),was disappointing. The new it’s that HONDA’s car make the choice between its CIVICS so complicated, ’cause of the deverse selection of trims , the levels of performance, and the body style, which the HONDA CIVIC offers. From all HONDA’s cars, the CIVIC SI and CIVIC TYPE R ,are two of the most desirable performance cars on the market, thanks to many new modification : an engine turbocharge, which funds best levels of acceleration and fuel economy. CIVIC 2020 characterized by a well balanced ride and handling, in addition to dropping of enterior noise, in opposition to its past versions.

I- What’s Makes HONDA CIVIC 2020 special ?

1- the performance

Among the most sought by experts of the new modified cars ,is the performance, and that is the highlight of HONDA CIVIC ,thanks to many things Which is ; Firstly, a six speed manual transmission or a continuously variable automatic. Secondly, a naturally aspirated 2.0 liter enline-four making 158 horsepower and 138 pound -feet of torque. Finally, having different mpg levels in the combined driving. (For example ; the sport CVT gets 32 mpg, and the LX CVT gets 33 mpg )

HONDA CIVIC performance

2- Fuel economy

It is a scientific revolution in the automotive world, that a car combines the power of performance and fuel economy, and that exactly what CIVIC 2020 foxed on, with makes 205 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque, from its turbocharged 2.0 liter engine that makes 306 horsepower and 295 pound -feet of torque, thanks to that ,HONDA’S CIVIC fuel economy falls to 25 mpg combined.

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring

3- The size of the HONDA CIVIC 2020 :

when we take a look to the size of HONDA CIVIC , we find it offers more passages and cargo space than most, ’cause the CIVIC 2020 is on the larger side of the segment, it’s has a small plus of defferents height than the same CIVICS, THE HONDA 2020 is also one of the lighter cars in its class, in addition to that, HONDA CIVIC , offers all sizes of folks an ability to fit comfortably in the back. For all those reasons, we could said that the HONDA CIVIC 2020 challenges some mid-size cars. Leg- headroom up front are exceptional.

The size of the HONDA CIVIC 2020

4- inside the HONDA CIVIC 2020 :

Wither your prefer to seats low or high , you would find a confortable driving position, ’cause the materials are high cality, also because the HONDA 2020 has a specious interior that feels even more so thanks to a low dashboard and thin pillars. CIVIC 2020 has also a digital display for the tachometer, speedometer and additional driving information and the readouts are under deep cowls.

inside the HONDA CIVIC 2020

Thanks to all that and more, this car is one of the best new modified cars that have revolutionized the scientific , thanks to fine improvement both inside the car , or exterior design.

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