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Top 8 of the most beautiful classic cars in the world!

Car manufacturers have produced models that have become legendary in the past thanks to their vintage design and rarity. So we decided to offer you our Top 8 of the most beautiful classic cars in the world.

8- Porsche 911 (1963 – 1973)

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Everyone knows the Porsche 911, it is one of the most legendary vehicles, thanks to its unique rounded design. Several models have since seen the light of day, but this car remains the most beautiful in our eyes and especially the most striking.

Despite more than 89,000 copies produced, this first Porsche 911 (Type 901) remains a highly sought-after collector car because it is considered the purest model in terms of style compared to its little sisters. We can also cite the Porsche 356, driven by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, which was a commercial success for its quality / price ratio.

7- Aston Martin DB5 (1963 – 1965)

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Since we were talking about movies, we present to you the iconic James Bond car: the Aston Martin DB5. We couldn’t not put it in 7th place if you know what we mean…

Anyway, this model is worth the detour for its design and curves worthy of a luxury car, but also for its sporty side with a power of 282 horses. This is the main difference from its big sister, the DB4, which can also be considered as a most beautiful vintage car, as its resemblance is obvious.

This DB5 is today a very sought after and therefore very expensive vintage car. Count more than 800,000 € for an authentic model in good condition… Rarity makes the price, there are indeed just over 1,000 copies produced only.

6- Jaguar Type E (1961 – 1975)

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In 6th position in the top classic cars: the Type E jaguar.
So yes, many would have probably placed it higher, but that shows the difficulty of achieving such a ranking … In any case do not hesitate to give us your top in the comments!

This Jaguar was in its time a real revolution whether in terms of its design, its performance (V12 engine) or its comfort and handling. The car looks and looks particularly vintage today when it was considered very modern!

This Type E is not one of the rarest vehicles because more than 72,000 copies were still produced due to its strong commercial success.
Beyond its design and its wonderfully well-drawn curves, this model is a myth because it corresponds to the advent of British pop culture in the 1960s (the Beatles and the miniskirt in particular!).

5- Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale (1967 – 1969)

You may not know this car, and yet it is worth the detour! This is the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Its actually an adaptation of the Tipo 33, which was only intended for motor racing. Alfa Romeo then had the idea of offering a road version of the vehicle and gave birth to this little stylistic wonder!

The Romeo 33 was a real racing machine with an overpowered 2L V8 capable of reaching 9000 rpm!, with this high performance its surpasses the Porsche 911 in its category. However, today it is really a collector car since only 18 copies were produced.

The bids in the event of a sale can therefore rise very very high (around € 10 million …). If you are lucky enough to come across one on the street, send us a photo!

4- Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing (1954 – 1963)

Another classic car for the wealthy: The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. What sets it apart from the rest is the doors that open like a butterfly. Even today when we look at this car, it doesn’t seem that old and vintage to us! The reason ? Unique design and curves, pure style and perfect lines …

His price ? This can go very high, as was the case in 2012 for one of the only aluminum models sold for $ 4.65 million … However, there are just over a thousand copies!

Talking only about its aesthetic qualities is to forget its technical qualities which are also there for the time: it is the first petrol engine with the direct injection system and the sensations of driving and balance are incredible, maybe even today…

Our podium of the most beautiful classic cars!
3- Bugatti Type 57 (1934 – 1939)

We decided to award 3rd place of the podium to the legendary Bugatti Type 57, here in SC Altantic version. This model will not please everyone but we like it very much!

What to say ? The image speaks for itself, the design is simply revolutionary as were the performances at the time. It is a particularly prestigious and elegant vintage car with a totally avant-garde style in terms of form and concept.
Thanks to Jean Bugatti for this extraordinary achievement, a real gem ahead of its time.

This collector’s car is also one of the rarest there is, for the Atlantic there are only 3 copies! One was sold in 2010 for a sum between 30 and 40 million dollars… The type 57 was declined in several versions between 1934 and 1940, experts estimate that 685 copies were produced in all. The most sought after by collectors are the Type 57S (43 copies).

2- Lamborghini Miura (1966 – 1973)

In the second position we find the famous Lamborghini Miura. The historic competing brand of Ferrari delivered us between 1966 and 1973 one of the most beautiful sports cars of all time. The curves and lines seem to follow the shape of the car, and above all nothing seems to have aged, even today this Miura is of sensational beauty.

Note that the engine is placed in the rear for one of the first times in history and delivers sensations and technical performance very important for the time with more than 350 horsepower.
This Lamborghini is often considered the first Super-Car in history.

More than 760 copies were produced between 1966 and 1973, making this collector’s car one of the rarest also. It takes more than € 1 million to be able to acquire such a jewel …

1- Ferrari 250 GTO (1962 – 1964)

Finally, in first place in this Top 8 of the most beautiful classic cars in the world: The Ferrari 250 GTO.
Produced in only 36 copies between 1962 and 1964, this model met an incredible sporting success during these years thanks to its famous V12 engine of 3L. In addition to that, its aesthetics are simply magnificent with curves and a unique style evoking both power and finesse.

This model is considered the best ever produced by the firm. It represents the pinnacle of an era and is still as sexy for a vintage car. Collectors are ready to do anything to acquire it, even spending crazy amounts, the latest models have sold for more than 20 million dollars!

And that’s it for this Top 8 of the most beautiful classic cars in the world! Do not hesitate to present your own ranking in the comments, we want your opinion!

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