Every cars has different features to ensure vehicle safety. Learn more with us  about the features of your car, and all cars in the world by using our safety features list.

3 must-have features in new cars

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

In 2019, automotive engineering is up at a speedy pace. And options that were once found solely on luxury vehicles area unit all the {way down to}} trickle their way down to the thought daily drivers. Regardless of whether or not or not you’re within the marketplace for a brand …

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5 New Car Tech Features That Are Actually Cool

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Dual-Clutch Transmissions CHRIS CANTLE Given the selection, we’ll continuously value more highly to shift for ourselves. however, if you need to get associate degree transmission, you cannot get it wrong with a dual-clutch. Shifts are seamless and lightning fast, supplying you with a two-pedal gear case that is super responsive …

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