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4 biggest Car Shows Around The World

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The various car shows are important meetings for manufacturers. These events are all different and offer their own experience.

Find our Top 5 of the biggest car shows not to be missed!

4- Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo motor show is in the image of the city and more generally of Japan: very connected with lots of new technologies and gadgets of all kinds (robots, virtual reality, video games and others).

car shows

There are models inspired by Japanese culture, very eccentric and original. Japanese manufacturers do not hesitate to do in the auction, they are at home and it shows!
Note also that the presence of commercial vehicles is more important there than for the other shows.

Organized by the Japan automotive manufacturers association (JAMA) and recognized by OICA, the show takes place at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center. The event is biennial, the next edition will be the 45th and will take place in October 2017.

Generally the attendance of the fair is more than 900,000 visitors, the entrance price is 1600 yen, the equivalent of 14 €.

3- Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva show takes place every year in March. It differs from the others with a strong presence of supercars and concept cars, which has given it over the years a fairly “high-end” reputation since its beginnings in 1905. The most prestigious manufacturers and designers are therefore of the part and exhibit their most beautiful achievements.

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Although the exhibition area is the smallest compared to other international trade fairs (93,000 m2), the trade fair welcomes nearly 700,000 visitors each year. This gives a more « human » side compared to other international fairs which benefit from a much larger space.

In addition, Switzerland represents a « neutral ground » insofar as no large manufacturer has an advantage, as can be the case in other cities and countries according to the brands (Nissan, Toyota for Tokyo for example).

The fair is like all its counterparts in the « Big 5 » recognized by the OICA and takes place at the Geneva convention center of Palexpo, name of the association organizing the event.

2- Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA)

The Frankfurt Motor Show takes place every two years in odd years, alternating with that of Paris.
It is the largest European fair with an exhibition area of over 235,000 m2! The big German brands such as BMW, Mercedes or Audi even benefit from an entire hall each to exhibit their latest innovations.

Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA)

With the ever increasing influence of the German car market, this meeting has become essential for the big car manufacturers and for car fans. The last edition in 2015 registered more than 930,000 visitors!

Paris motor show – top 1 in Car Shows ranking

And finally, in first place: the Paris Motor Show. With more than 1.25 million visitors, the Paris fair is the most attended in the world and also one of the oldest (1st edition in 1898). It takes place in October every 2 years in even years, alternating with that of Frankfurt.

Paris motor show

The fact that the show takes place in Paris is obviously the great strength of the event, but not only.
Its popularity encourages manufacturers to present world firsts at each edition (more than 100 in 2016), plus a good number of concepts car!

Taking place at the exhibition center at the gates of Versailles, the show also benefits from an area of 230,000 m2!
We need enough to welcome more than 1 million people 

French brands are also highlighted and take full advantage of this meeting to present new innovations and new models.
The fair is organized by AMC promotion and planned by OICA. The entrance price is also € 16.

The world of the automobile is therefore an unmissable event for manufacturers, if we had to keep only one, it would be this! And you, what would be yours?

Do not hesitate to ask your questions and react in the comments!

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