All-new Tesla Pickup Truck 2021 – see why the Cybertruck EV is an F150 Raptor slayer!

this is the new Tesla cyber truck okay so it may look like an escape from a 1980s video game but it’s a real electric pickup truck and here the car our top ten things you need to know about it three is the magic number with the cyber truck because that’s how many electric motors the top-of-the-range model gets the all-wheel-drive tri-motor cyber truck

will do nought to 60 in less than three seconds a dual motor or wheel drive model will do the same sprint in under 4.5 seconds while the entry-level single motor with rear-wheel drive will take 6.5 seconds to go from nought to 60 Tesla says it’s tri-motor cyber truck can manage 500 miles between charges

the mid specification dual motor model meanwhile last 300 miles but the entry-level rear drive cyber truck will only do 250 miles between electrical Phillips the new cyber truck is probably the most minimalist pickup ever created up front

there’s no grill just a blank space flanked by two headlights while the bonnet flows without a change in angle into the windscreen and at the rear there’s just a single high level light bar there are some traditional pickup truck design cues though just take a look at those rugged tires and chunky wheel arches but..

what do you think ?

to check out the best Tesla deals on carwhile Tesla says the cyber Chuck has 2830 liters of lockable cargo capacity this includes the low bed which Tesla caused the vault the thrunk and even more storage in the sail pillars and if like me you didn’t know what those were they’re the bits of bodywork behind the rear windows every day’s a school day the cyber truck

has integrated 120 volt and 240 volt power points turning it it also features an onboard air compressor making it ideal for camping trips or building sites thanks to adaptive air suspension a pretty high-tech trick on a truck the cyber truck can raise or lower itself by up to 4 inches it’s

also self leveling so you know it’ll adjust automatically to any load if you expect to be driving through the dodgy parts of town you needn’t worried because the cyber truck will withstand a whack from a sledgehammer without denting the bodywork its windows

will also resist bullets although Elon Musk’s demonstration of that didn’t quite go according to plan the US will be the cyber trucks main market and it will start from just under forty thousand dollars when it goes on sale in 2021 rising to around seventy thousand dollars for a top specification tri-motor version that puts it squarely up against massive sellers like the Ford f-150 and Ram 1500


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