beautiful cars

Top 10 of the most beautiful cars of recent years

Come on, let’s dream a little… What are the 10 most beautiful cars in the World? This is very subjective, but this small ranking shows at least one thing: the best years are behind us! Faced with these rolling sculptures, designed above all to be beautiful, modern cars have a …

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Which automotive groups dominate the world market?

While there are many automotive groups in the auto market, some have more brands of cars than others, and most importantly, the strength of assets varies by manufacturer. Here is an overview of the groups and their weight in the global automotive market. 3 major global groups compete for the …

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show cars

4 biggest Car Shows Around The World

The various car shows are important meetings for manufacturers. These events are all different and offer their own experience. Find our Top 5 of the biggest car shows not to be missed! 4- Tokyo Motor Show The Tokyo motor show is in the image of the city and more generally …

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Mercedes sprinter

Mercedes sprinter -Electric- : Details & features

A few days after launching production of the model, Mercedes reveals new details regarding the characteristics and functionality of its electric Sprinter. If the year 2020 will mark the arrival of many new electric cars, the utility is not to be outdone. After launching its eVito this year, Mercedes is …

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classic cars

Top 8 of the most beautiful classic cars in the world!

Car manufacturers have produced models that have become legendary in the past thanks to their vintage design and rarity. So we decided to offer you our Top 8 of the most beautiful classic cars in the world. 8- Porsche 911 (1963 – 1973) Everyone knows the Porsche 911, it is …

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VOLVO S60 T8 : Hybrid,Rechargeable and History

To say that the new VOLVO S60 T8 is a historic turning point for Volvo is obvious. This new S60 is indeed the first vehicle from the Swedish manufacturer to be launched only as a plug-in hybrid version in France. It is also the first production to come out of …

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Rolls royce phantom 2020

Rolls royce phantom 2020 : pricing & specs.

British luxury car maker New Rolls-Royce Phantom 2020 introduced the flagship Phantom 8th generation sedan. A unique model, produced for 92 years, continues to set the stage in the segment where wealth and brilliance dominate.

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Luxury Cars

The Most Anticipated Luxury cars in 2020 Market

Although it represents less than 10% of all vehicles sold worldwide, the luxury cars market is expanding steadily, with annual compound growth of 11.3% and $ 178 billion by 2023. The US market is still the most important part of this big global puzzle, but the European and especially Chinese markets for luxury cars are booming.

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Mercedes company

Mercedes company in brand : inspiration & entertainment.

Overview Mercedes company indicates, that’s it symbolizes the brand’s aspirations to achieve sustainable mobility ever, and it’s teasing that the vehicle takes inspiration, from one of the most brands of the entertainment sector. Also Mercedes company , confirmed the debut of a new concept, at this years consumer Electronics show …

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